Monday, October 24, 2011

2011 Halloween Party -- Setting Up The Scene

To have a great party, preparation is really important and require a lot of effort. We have started to plan our party since the beginning of October. We started brainstorming the games for multiple times, shopping for the decorations and party necessities, food, drink and costumes. 

I have to say, we enjoy the whole process a lot. It took us at least three weeks time for the entire preparation. The best reward that we get, is the happiness and appreciation from all of the friends that attended this party. You all are such great players.  Thank you for bringing great food and your wonderful spirits to the party. That's all that matters ^_^

Tommy has done such a great job in putting these up, all by himself. I was busy at the kitchen and the kitchen only.

These prizes and scratches were waiting to be won. This year, Tommy set up a 27" monitor and enter the ticket numbers to draw for the prizes. We entered some meaningful sentences and funny punishments in the program designed by him.

I enjoyed wrapping these presents :)
Setting up the party food. Again, it's all done by Tommy.
My little baking corner  ^_<
I started baking since Wednesday night. These little things really took me plenty of time...  o_O

Tommy said, these spider web took him forever to set it up! LOL!

The sky was getting darker. Let's get the party started! 

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