Friday, October 28, 2011

2011 Halloween Party -- Let's Get The Party Started!

I know I've been procrastinating. It has been a week since we had fun in the party. Since Tommy and I were both busy in the party, we did not have many chances to take a lot of great pictures of all of you. Jason and Anna did a great job though, by snapping most of the precious moments. Hey, Andy Vo! We're still waiting for your photos to be uploaded yea! I am sure you keep a lot of our great photos in your charming camera ^_<

Look at these adorable kids :)

In case you were wondering when and why these pictures were taken, that moment was the time when you all get ready into your memory funny posts section... 

I enjoy seeing the pictures that all of you doing your very best to think the most difficult posts to challenge the final winners. I hope you do the same. Are you ready?




What can I say? Hahahahahaha....... LOL! LOL! LOL! You guys are too cute! That's the purpose of this game. :P I just couldn't stop looking at these pictures, over and over again! I hope Tommy didn't miss any of your posts, since the time given was too short. You all are really creative! Can any of you spot who is whose partner? Feel free to leave your comments here.

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