Thursday, August 30, 2007

Enormous Summer

Hi everybody!! Long, long time I have been disappeared all these while! My life is like a drama here, too dramatic and happened all once which is hard to write down in detail. Basically, I just finished my enormous three weeks summer in Book field three days ago. That was an extremely different life from what I had before. It's tough but I miss the life, I really do.

I learned a lot, a lot more than just money and a lot more precious than money. I am going to write about my three weeks life in book field later on cause now is not a good time. I just drove from North Carolina all the way to Mississippi the day before yesterday. The journey took me 16 hours all the way. I passed by South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and then Mississippi. I then continue my five hours journey the next day to Arkansas. I just came back from Arkansas to Mississippi again two hours ago. That journey again took me five hours and crossed three states - Arkunsus, Tennessie and Mississippi. Tomorrow morning, I am going to travel another five hours from Mississippi to back to Georgia. Wait, the journey is not end yet. I am going to rest there for one day and then got to pack my luggage and go to airport to fly all the way to California. Phew! I guess the flight is going to take another six hours, at least. Gosh! Long travel, tiring but I do enjoy. Somebody told me before that she does not like to move here and there, she wants to have a home. Well, to me, if you really want to settle down the best thing to do is always stay at Malaysia with your parents but not fly to such a far away country. That's life, the life that you chose. I am glad I have the chance to go through all these.

I always said that being an aupair, what we know about the life in US only a tiny bit of whole. Now I am glad to say that I know a little more than that tiny bit, at least more about Black people and the life of the middle low and low class. Super duper great experiece. I am actually proud of myself that I have gone through all these. I am glad to prove to myself that I can hang tight in tough situation and keep going, although it was just three weeks. I am sick, but not yet die. That is the thing that I should happy about right? Hehe! Talk to you soon.
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