Saturday, July 24, 2010



Friday, July 16, 2010

Quick Update of My Life In Malaysia

My blog hasn't been updated for over a month. I can't believe my life has been crazily busy ever since I got home. I kept telling people that I regretted I back home for such a long time this year (1month and 2weeks). However, I feel the time is flying and I am home for 3 weeks already.

I am leaving to Chiang Mai (Thailand) in another 4hours. I have not started packing yet I am here blogging. What have I been busying lately? I changed my hair style and it's color, gained some weight, preparing my talk for depression and planning trips after trips.

My current plan is going to Singapore after Thailand, then go to get my diving license at Redang Island. Let's see how things work out. And now, I really need to pack my stuff and get some sleep before leaving the house for the trip tonight. Hopefully I will have chance to update my blog soon.
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