Thursday, June 4, 2009


I like night time. The words that come across my mind when night time approaching are peaceful, quiet, cool, romantic, evil, dangerous and scary. There are big contrast among these words, and I realized.

I am very productive when I am able to feel the feeling of peaceful at night. I am able to write a good article, complete my assignments, explore my inner feelings, or simply stay bright while tasting the feeling of joy. The cool air at night time can refresh my tired brain and body that have been busy for whole day. The quiet environment however, let me able to involve a lot of thinking and simply relax.

And when I am with my love one, night time is the time that I can feel the real romance. If you know the real meaning of romance, you know it is not just about sex. The romance that I refer here, is the moment that I can look into his eyes and feel our hearts and souls are so close to each other. The romance that I am talking about here, is the moment that I can hold his hands and talk about our dreams, our thoughts and even our future.

However if you spend the night time with some random people, then the night could turn out to be very different. Few years ago, I was innocent enough to believe that friendship could be very pure and not involving evil intent or motive. That was because I have a very good male friend and we were both sure that nothing would ever happen even we both being locked up in a room overnight. Not until lately, when a few of my male friends telling me that a man and a woman really should not spend time together during night time, if they were not in a relationship. This is because men would have the "need", especially the "experienced" men.

Then I started thinking, was I too innocent back then? Or perhaps my good friend that I was talking about was (is?) still virgin and therefore we both have that innocent belief? I am not sure whether he has had the experience now and if he does, I hope he will be able to give me an answer. That is the reason why I am relating night time with the words like evil and dangerous. There are times when I kept wondering why people always like to think "bad" when a man and a woman spend time in a room at night time. Now I understand the reason behind because there really have the high possibility that something might happened.

Then comes to the word scary. I remembered few years ago, I could not stand scary movies. I am afraid of spirit, ghost and other extraordinary stories and movies. If I happened to watch any scary movies or read or heard any scary stories, I would be very paranoid during night time. I would be very afraind of going to toilet and scare to look at the mirror at night. However, the real scary thing that I am referring is not that. Night time can turn out to be scary and painful for a person who just broke up.

I have a nice talk last week to a friend whom just broke up. We were sharing the painful feeling aftermath a painful broke up. I really longed the feeling of girls' talks since I hardly have any close friends here. We both agree that night time can make people more vulnerable when we are facing certain obstacles in life, like losing a love one. The level of anxiety is rising when we are alone at night. The person who used to be beside her is gone and she has to deal with the loneliness alone. That could be really painful.

It is 2.07am now. I hope I can sleep soundly tonight. Good night, Mr Moon.


hoayming said...

hmmm..i like Night oso! enjoy the quite..i like to drive alone @ cars, no jams, no hot sun...yea, its romance wen a couple just quitely and having a sweet time and good discussing...of coz night oso easily makes us thk of the past..just bcoz its quite and alone which we oledi used to be some1 beside us all the night..hope that she / he is alright now..gnight ..

24Seven said...

Its not like I like the night.

Its just a time in which I am most "Alive".

There is something about the calm of the night that makes it soothing to my soul.

Or maybe its because I am a software programmer.
And we work better at night.

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