Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Trip To The Carribean

It has been four days since my trip to Carribean ended. "Somebody" complained that I was so lazy for not undating my blog. Now I am here, for Chia's sake. Haha!

The Friday morning that we left NJ was a night when snowstorm started. I heard it was about 3 inches thick. We were lucky to know that we were the last flight for that day. All the flights canceled or delayed since then.

After covering the body under the thick coat for more than three months, this was the first time I wore singlets again. The weather and the buildings in Carribean made me felt I was home in Malaysia. They looked so similar. However, the traffic here is sort of "special". They drive cars at left hand side (like Malaysia) but the driver seats are at left hand side as well (like US). It is kind of weird.

Well, I don't have much time to write a long long blog these days. I guess I would rather upload more photos. They will tell you thousand words.

We just arrived and spend a day at St. Thomas island, one of the US Virgin Islands.

Nice beach, but I would say the best is yet to come.

On the way to St. John, another quieter island and have nicer beaches. Hopefully I can tell more about St. John island in my next entry before my memory faded.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Guess Guess Guess

I love to watch the entertainment show from taiwan host by Jacky Wu. I don't know why there are quite a number of people don't really like him but I really admire him especially as a comedy entertainer, he is doing a terrific job! He has a very good sense of humor and express them well in front of the camera.

I still remember when I was at Malaysia, I always watched his show during weekends with my little brother. We laughed like crazy most of the time and really enjoyed our weekends afternoon with Jacky. Ever since I left, I no longer have the chance to watch those shows. I thought I am going to miss them until I back to Malaysia again. Then I read a news about "YouTube" being sued because of copyright infringement. This reminded me that I could actually retrive the shows from this site. Recently I watch a lot of his shows since I have a long vacation here. Again, I laughed like crazy whenever I watched and those "guai lou" looked at me like I am psycho. They surely was thinking, "What so funny?" Well, who cares? I really enjoyed.

Tonight, I found a clip showing the crazy and talented host, Jacky Wu, singing a very touching song to his partner, Ah Ya, who is leaving to further her study. It was the last show of "Guess Guess Guess" that three of them host together. For those who familiar with Jacky, you surely know he hardly (almost consider never) being serious in front of the camera when he is hosting. This is the 1st time I saw him so serious in singing a farewell song to his partner. You guys may think is nothing but my tears could't stop dropping...

I think maybe is because I recalled the moment when I leave my friends, my partners and my family. The song, the way he sang... Oh Gosh! My tears really could't stop shedding... He actually did not sing well in the show but because of this, I even feel he was so real and so touching!

I would love to share with you guys. Here is the URL:

P/S: If it is possible, tell me how you feel after you watch it. I really love it. It touches the deepest part of my heart...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I am so afraid of sunlight. I know I am not the only one, most of the girls I know are so afraid of sunlight. That is the reason why whitening products always hit the top selling point in Malaysia. I have to spend 9 days in Carribean with my family here. Today is Tuesday, I still have five days to go.

I talked to my host mom about we girls always try our best to get fairer or at least we don't want to be darker. My host mom said those whites are so eager to expose themselves under sunlight so that they do not look so pale. And she is right in a sense that, we always do not like what we have.

The families like to go to the beach at afternoon. Gosh, as you know afternoon sun always so..... HOT! The UVA and UVB can kill you! I did not follow them to the beach yesterday and last night the mother of the other family (whose name is Katherine, same as my host mom's name) asked me whether I really like this vacation. I was so embarassed to answer her. I understand why she asked me this way. I rather stayed at home alone instead of go to the beach with them. I have to clarify, is not that I don't want to go, it is because is damn hot during afternoon ok! The sun is killing!

Since my action already created some "questions" to other people, today I have to go. Nobody false me, my host family never will. Anyway I went, just wanna use my "action" to "clarify", hehe!

We went hiking before we reached the beach. Again, it was afternoon. I did not wear my swimming suit under the cloths as others did because my host mom asked me whether wanna go at last minute. I packed my things in hurry and rushed into the Jeep. I couldn't remember how long was the journey. When we were there, everybody was sweating like just after shower. They took off their clothes and ran to the sea like crazy especially kids. I stayed at the beach. Erm.. is not that I don't like to swim, is because it was too......... hot! Although I hoped to jump into the sea, but whenever I stepped on the sand bare footed, is was damn hot!

Then... On the way back...

(H = Host mom, I = me)

H: So in Malaysia you have a lot of nice beach?

I: Ya, the beach especially nice on the islands. We have a few very famous islands.

H: Are you house far away from the beach?

I: Not really. Only about 10 minutes drive.

H: Oh... So you really get used to it. We have to travel thousand miles so see this view. Therefore we really treasure the time we spend on the beach. Hehe! I know you maybe feel bored to spend nine days here... like ah.... what should I do? ....

I: NONONONONO.... I really enjoy this trip. NEVER thought that I am bored. I am NOT. REALLY!

Oh my god! haha... Just because I stayed at the beach and read book. I would love to join them if they go to the beach at the evening, or maybe early in the morning, or before noon but definitely NOT AFTERNOON! I joined them the 1st and 2nd day on the beach and my skin was so painful although I already applied PLENTY of sunblock.

Tomorrow I plan to stay at home alone no matter what they think :P It is relaxing to stay at such a beautiful house with wonderful view, alone. Without those noisy and crazy kids (actually mostly just one of them who really drive me crazy), I can do whatever I want, PEACEFULLY...

I really love the beach, too bad we always go there at the wrong time.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Ring

I have a ring. I am wearing it since a month before I am here is US. I am so get use to the ring on my pointer. It is not an expensive ring. (In fact, it is really cheap) I purposely bought this silver ring from Tesco at Melaka before I come here.

As you know or maybe not, I am having my vacation with my host family now, here in Carribean. I am now sitting in a very nice guess room (living room) and typing this blog. The house that we are living now is like a paradise. You will surely love it. This big house with five rooms and a long pool is located at the top of a mountain in St. John island. St. John island is one of the virgin islands which belongs to US. You can view the other islands and the beaches through every single window and door of this house. I will upload the photos that I've taken when I am back. Ya, it is my dream house and it is really a paradise!

Erm.. Back to the topic, the ring. I was at one of the world most beautiful beach this afternoon. I was sitting at the beach and let the wave come and go to wash me away. The ring is always loose. Although the wave is not strong at all, but it is much stronger than the wave I have ever seen in Malaysia. The ring fell off from my pointer. I thought I will surely lose it but I did not. I simply grab a handful sand and the ring was just right inside my palm. This is the 1st time it lost and found.

At the evening, I was helping the family to prepare dinner. I was making salad. Whenever I took the napkin to throw into garbage, I realised I lost my ring AGAIN! I knew it was in the rubbish bin as it might fell off when I threw the napkin. I talked to myself about the ring and my host parents heard that. They feel sorry about it and asked me try to find it inside the dustbin. I simply grabbed few things and tried to see whether I could see my ring. Then, my host dad came and squat down and helped me to find the ring. You surely know how the rubbish look like and smell like especially the dustbin in the kitchen. Ya, so gross!! However, the way he found the ring just like he was finding a very important thing of his. I could not stand with the smell and the disgust of the rubbish after few seconds and I kept telling him to give up. In fact, this ring isn't expensive at all and it is not given by anybody so it doesn't really "unloseable". He was so insist and said, "It must be inside. Let me get a new garbage plastic and remove all the rubbish one by one to the new plastic bag then sure we could find it."

I was so touch and so embarassed!! Since he did not want to give up, how can I? Therefore we kept finding. After we moved all the rubbish from one plastic bag to another, we still could not find the ring. We could do nothing but give up. I feel so embarass and so thankful to him. He is the most, ever, the best host dad that I have ever met in my life!! Oh my god!! I feel so bless to have him as my host dad. (even my own dad won't do all these things to me, hehe! Sorry, dada!) From the beginning when I just joined this family until now, he keep on make me feel so touch and so warm... I will never forget the "first cup of snow in my life". the valentine chocolate and today, the ring. I love you, Duke!! (Hey, is the daughter to father kind of love. So don't think too much!) You guys should see the way he treat my host mom and the kids. You will never believe there is such a wonderful husband and daddy in this world!

Then both of us washed our hands and continued to help my host mom with the dinner. We had our dinner outside the house, at a corner which near the pool with candles on. We have two families live under the same roof in this vacation. They are my host parents' friends. After I had done with my dinner, James, the father of the other family suddenly touched my shoulder and showed me his fingers. I was stunned for about 5 seconds and did not know what was he trying to show me. Then I found there is something really familiar. I looked closer to one of his fingers ( I forgot which finger) and .... THE RING!! It was my ring! Guess what, it was in the salad!! Oh my god! hahahaha...

Everybody just laughed and again, I was so embarassed! I said thank you to James and my host dad. Of course, Duke is still the one whom I really feel so thankful to.

That's the end of my story about the ring. I was enjoying my vacation now. It is really relaxing. It would be a lot better if the girl stops making troubles. Anyway, I know is impossible. There are six days left before the vacation ends. I treasure my time here and try to enjoy myself as much as possible. As I promise, I will upload my photos once I back to New Jersey cause I do not have any devices now. Hope all my friends are doing good.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bad Day(s)?

I can't believe it! I really can't believe it! How could it happen? How did I let it happen? OH MY GOD!!!

That's the different between policy of wireless company in US and Malaysia. My host mom signed up a calling plan for me the first week when I arrived. She pays $90++ per month so that I have 1300 minutes to use each month. (Everyday after 9pm and weekends do not count in the minutes, means I can call anyone, as long as I like throughout the whole country of USA.) Sounds great? It is. What I did not know is, when it says I have 1300 minutes to use, the minutes are including the incoming calls. I DID NOT KNOW THAT!!

So now you can guess what had happened...

Oh ya, I over the limit! When you use over the time limit of the plan, the extra money that they charge is crazily expensive. Ladies and Gentlemen, Guess what? I have been extra charged for ------ 400 USD!!!

I can't believe it! How could that happen??? I still can't accept this truth! Oh my god!! I told Chia about it, she kept telling me to think about the Caribbean trip this coming weekend. She said "assume" that I paid only $400 then I can go to Caribbean, isn't it worth? Hmmm... What else can I think? Positive thinking is really important to me now... $400... If convert to RM...


I am broke now, for sure!


The two weeks' Spring break started yesterday. I am going to have the kids with me for whole day until Friday morning (the time we leave to Caribbean). It is seriously tiring. I do not have much time for myself to do my own stuff but to stick with them whole day.

Today I arranged a playdate for the girl. Her friend's mom, Virginia asked me to go to pick her daughter at a community church at 11.30am. It is a church located at Pennington town, which is 20 minutes away from my house. Like I said, to drive in US is kind of easy because you can use "Mapquest" to search for the direction of the location. MOST OF THE TIME, it is accurate. There are times when the directions are not so clear or accurate. It happened again today.

I was holding a paper with the directions on it with me while I was driving. When I almost reached there, the proceed became complicated. There is a road which Virginia told me to turn in but it is not stated in the direction. I was trying to find the road's name while driving. I slowed down the car and suddenly a split road appeared in front of me. I did not know which way I should turn but I needed to decide it within seconds. At the very last minute, I pulled over my car to right. I did not feel what's wrong with it as no car really near me at that time. Then, I saw a police car behind me. The siren and its light was on. It means, I did something wrong and I must stop. (I am experienced in this)

Of course, I stoped. I didn't really know what I have done wrong at that time. I rolled down my window and he told me what I have done. I couldn't really understand him that time because I was still in a very blur situation. He became very impatient and asked me, "How long do you have your license?" I told him I am holding International Driving License. His next sentence scared me. I was really frightened by him.

"Guess what? Your license gonna be suspended!"

OH MY GOD!! What?? I couldn't believe my ears again.

Now whenever I recall the moment, I think he was just trying to frightened me. If a police really want to take any actions, he or she would get down from the car but not sitting inside the car and talked to me like what he did. He knew he succeed in frightening me and he asked me to relax. I tried to explain to him that I was finding the road and that's why make such turn in hurry. He shouted at me, "Forget about the road! You almost caused an accident!!"

Really? What I remember is he was quite far behind me. Anyway what can I do at that moment? Well, I guess I could just "act pity" and ask him to give me a chance. So I did.

After he reached his purpose of scaring me, he asked me where was I heading. I told him my destination and he pointed back and said, "It is just right behind there." He then stared at me and said, "Be careful" and drove off. Should I feel thankful to him?

All these just happened in a minute but it was like a century long for me. Like I always said, I am here to experience my life. Now you know I really do.

Cheers! ;)

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Random writing

It is snowing since last night. I don't know when is it going to stop. Listen to a Chinese song by Jay, it is so familiar and yet so strange to me. I have not listen to Chinese songs for quite awhile. Suddenly some memories run through my mind. They are unorganized, just randomly repeating...

I think about my past, and read about other's past. They were just like movies. They just happened so naturally and ended so dramatically. The white snowflake keep falling down, it is no longer showering but each snowflakes is as big as goose's feather.

Whose fault?

A lot of us like to ask this question or automatically try to find the answer to this question when something happened. The question is, is the answer important? Would it helps in someway? In most circumstances, I don't think so. Yet a lot of us dying to dig out the "answer" for this question. Is it a way to make ourselves relief in somehow? Perhaps.

This is just a random writing in a snowy day.
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