Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Sweets, sweet!

I came home from Yoga class and felt so hungry. I then went to the kitchen and dig the fridge for some left over food that I have the night before. The mother was lying on the couch, watching drama and heard me. She then woke up and asked me to have some of the soup and rice that she cooked. I said yes, since I was really hungry and yes, I am craving for home cooked food.

I started losing my voice and have sore throat this morning when I woke up. I think probably because of the Korean BBQ cuisine that I have the night before caused it. The mother heard my unusual voice and heard me coughing. After knowing my situation, she walked away and came back with 2 sweets and said, "This is good for coughing and your throat."

Sob sob... This is how sweet the family that I am living with now. Thank you auntie, you are truly sweet :')


~~Dreams Come True~~ said...

That's great. To have a landlord who is kind and sweet. By the way. I thought 2 hours (or at least 1 hour) before and after yoga it is not allowed to have food intake. And 30mins before n after yoga no water is allowed??? Hehe

Zoe said...

Thanks Jacquelin. Well, my yoga instructor did say that we could have something light before or after yoga, but never told me no water wo. Maybe I should listen to a doctor-to-be instead of the instructor?? hehe

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