Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beautiful Life, Beautiful Me

I thought what left in my world was darkness and sunlight was yet to come;
Then I realize, I just forgot to open my eyes.

I thought I need to treasure what I have in my palm and do not simply let go;
Then I know, I can simply open up my arms and enjoy what this beautiful world has to offer.

I thought these were the tears for love;
Then I realize, those were just the evidence of lost in a silly competition.

I thought what was wrong with me;
Then I found out, I just temporarily cover up the wisdom part of myself

I thought I was not beautiful and good enough;
Then I aware, only those who are wise enough have the wisdom to see my bright shining light.

I thought I have reached the limit;
Then I understand, there are still a lot of powerful potential in me are waiting to be discovered.

I made a wish in this new year that I wanted to transform to a new me;
Now I know that this transformation has happened in this beautiful May.

Thank you God, I know everything happen for a reason.
Thank you, for helping me to become a better me.


~~Dreams Come True~~ said...

A very encouraging and positive-minded post. Hope I can open my eyes and arms wide enough to experience what the many things that the world has to offer :)

Zoe said...

Thank you my dear :) Yes, you are a beautiful lady with a beautiful heart. Let's do it together ;)

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