Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Recently I went back to my blog archives and read some of my earlier posts. I am glad that I started blogging 3 years ago. I have to thank one of my friends who encouraged me doing so. And, I am amazed by some of my previous Chinese posts, especially the one that I wrote for my little brother on April 2009. I realize that now I am not able to write like that anymore. Not to praise myself here, but I know my own writing "style". If I wasn't able to capture the moment or wait till next day to write the article, I am sure this article will not exist. I am glad I was able to grab the touching moment and wrote down the touching feelings.

Most of the time, strong feelings will come and hit me during night time. That is the time when I become most productive. I used to go to bed not earlier than 2am. However, as time pass and I am now aging. Or perhaps due to my working schedule, I now go to bed no later than 12.30am. Big difference huh! I am telling myself here, I will not stop blogging. I can become less productive when busy schedule not allow me to invest too much time writing here but I definitely should not stop blogging. Perhaps someday, I should write in Chinese again.

I remember I read one of my friends' blog and she described her blog as a garden. She treats every article in her blog as the plants in her garden and she treasures every single one of them. Then one day, a man came in to her garden and then fall in love with her, because of the articles in her garden let him knows her better. It sounds like a romantic fiction story but it's a true story. I am not fantasizing that this will happen to me and definitely not my motivation of blogging. Nevertheless, I treasure the articles in my blog just like the way she does. This is especially true when occationally I read my blog archives.

Time to get back to work on my CCE. After this month, after this freaking May, I am all free! (hopefully) How about a couple more small trips before go back home? I will think about that. (*wink)

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