Sunday, May 30, 2010

Closing A Chapter of My Life

Finally, I closed another chapter of my life on May 30th, 2010. I finished my very final Clinical Competency Examination 42-page paper last night and then completed editing the paper today at 2.30pm. This is something that I should mark down in detail. I turned in my paper and declaired that I am officially done with my Master Program.

This is Memorial long weekends for Americans because Monday is holiday. Since I have finished all my paper, I am so free now. Knowing that Monday is holiday for me, I started to think what should I do when I do not have any more freaking paper to worry about. All my friends seem to have their own activities or other obligations to busy with. Then I realized I need to learn to make my alone day meaningful and enjoyable.

After I turned in my paper today, I looked at the weather outside and decided that I should get out from my room and do something. I was thinking of going to beach and bike but then I figured it might be very crowded since most of the people in this planet love beach. Then I decided to go to catch a movie nearby. When I arrived the shopping place, I couldn't help myself but stepped into those shops that displayed beautiful things. I like to give myself some treats after certain incidents are over (those incidents could be after I put in a lot of effort in certain projects, or after some painful experiences) I had both of the incidents happened and therefore I definitely have valid reasons to treat myself better. (muahahaha...)

My friends told me that I look good in high heels. One of my friends even said, "Zoe, you really should wear more high heels. You are becoming a career woman now." This statement blushed my face because I know how lazy I am to dress myself up. However, she is right, I really need to. Although I hate to admit this, but I am short... Therefore I got myself a pair of high heels. I also get myself 2 cloths, 2 rings, 1 body mist, 1 pair of shorts and some smell-good body lotion. Ah! What a beautiful day! LOL!

After feeling tired of shopping, I headed to the theatre and watch the 3D "Shrek 4"movie. I seriously have done some damage today, which I should not and do not usually do. Despite the feeling of guilty, I tried to persuade myself that this is just some treats for myself.

Coincidently, I have watched 2 movies for yesterday and today that sent the same message to the public. I watched the comedy movie "Click" last night and then 3D "Shrek 4" today. "Click" was a movie produced on 2006. This comedy made me laugh and cry and I have to say, it is a good comedy because I hardly found meaningful comedy shows. Both "Shrek 4" and "Click" carried the same message to the public, which is -- treasure what you have with you now.

Both Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) and Shrek do not see what they have and only realized that they have lost the most important things in their lives after they finally lost them. I have seen this happen in real life so frequently. In these 2 movies, they have happy endings since those are movies. They have the chances to learn and undo the damages that they have made. They were given opportunities to go back and fix the problems. Sadly, this won't happen in real life. What happened, happened. No matter how badly we want to go back to the past, it just won't happen. Then I saw most of the people sank into deep regret and mourning the past, and continue to mistreat the people beside them.

In fact, the regret of life is that we cannot turn back the clock and undo what has been done. However, the beauty of life, is also that we do not need to turn back the clock and reexperience what we have experienced. Instead of keep turning back our heads and feeling sorrow or remorse and mourning the past, I will see what I have with me now and treasure them whole heartedly.

Well, not to give lecture here but just would like to share my thoughts after watching some meaningful movies that are inspiring. I enjoyed my beautiful Sunday and I will want to write more before this remarkable May is over. The next article that I planned to write on is "My To-Do and Not-To-Do Lists After A Painful Break Up". Hopefully it will complete by tomorrow.


~~Dreams Come True~~ said...

Awaiting one of your yet-another-wonderful-master-piece tomorrow :P
I too like to treat myself, but i think too frequently LOL...but at least it's treating oneself good, so no harm (this is a frequent excuse for myself after the guilty feeling floats up) Hahaha congrates for completing your master, so when are you getting your professor title?

Zoe said...

You're the fastest reader ever! I just finished my article, went to restroom, came back, then saw your comment posted. It all only took 15minutes!

Thank you for your continuous support and care :) I will... do my best to "give birth" to the so called "master piece" :P

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