Sunday, May 9, 2010

Random Update: My Repeating Life

I think writing blog is good. At least I can keep track of my life. And 1 interesting thing that I noticed, is that I am kind of repeating my life this year. I am not repeating it at the exact same day, but it's kind of close.

I remember last year I was bitten by the spider and then needed to go to get medicine in the middle of the night, since I could not sleep at all and my whole body turned red and itchy. Last night, I needed to get the coughing and mucus control medicine at 1am, since I feel my chest started feeling more and more uncomfortable due to coughing. And now, I feel the terrible sorethroat came back to say hi to me again. Hmmm...

Let's talk about something memorable. I visited San Diego for the first time ever last year, during the end of April. I believe it was April 25 when I checked back my blog archive 2009. I went to the same flower field, Carlsbad Ranch, again this year on May 2nd. The flowers are still beautiful and I went to strawberry picking again.

Then I look at the other posts, I know that I am going to repeat some of other "routine", like going back home next month. I went back home last year on early August. This year, I am going home earlier and longer. Hmm.. I just feel like writing something to remind myself in the years ahead. Now I feel like my eyes are heavy, even though I have slept for almost whole day today.

Getting sick when I need to rush the paper really isn't a fun thing. And why am I still blogging now instead of writing my darn paper? I guess because my brain can't think of the serious thingy of my paper but can jot down small things that happened in my life, those repeating things. Years and years later when I trace back, at least I know long time ago, certain things happened and repeated. My brain is just too limited to remember all these things and so I need the aid of words to remind me, perhaps those pictures too.

Good night Mr. Moon.

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