Monday, April 5, 2010

RIP: See You In Your Next Life

I have been surrounded by a few of "not so good news" lately. These events have made me hit a new low in my life for the last week. I was not sure how to respond. It has been to the extend that I was almost numb. One of them was the chronic illness of the old father that I was living with. I just received the news that he has gone couple hours ago.

Again, I am not sure how to respond to news like this. He was admitted to the hospital a few days ago. Since then, I was not feeling good. We were not blood related in anyway. However living under the same roof for over a year made me likes this kind hearted old man. I was quite surprise how his situation has affected my life. My Malaysian friend from Ohio was planning to have a trip with me but I was not thinking of going at all. Another coworker was thinking of going to baseball game with me in LA and I rejected. Probably is because this family really treats me real good. I wrote an article about "My Second Family" last year about this family that I am living with. I think fate brought me to this family and I treasure it.

I felt helpless when I see the family because I wish there is something that I can offer to help them feel better but really, there is nothing much that I can do. To me, I will want somebody to be by my side when I am facing difficulties in life. He or she does not need to say much, by staying beside me and simply a warm hug will make me feel way better. However, I realize there are people who rather prefer staying alone during critical moment like this. Therefore I am not sure whether to have the mother and the son accompanied of just leave them alone.

Dear Mr __,

It has been nice knowing you although we hardly talk. Thank you for always helping me to move my car every Friday morning just to help me avoid getting tickets. I will not forget our last conversation that we had in room 215 about your life from China to Vietnam and then to US. I wish I could talk to you earlier and listen to your stories. I feel blessed that at least we have a chance to talk before you left.

It's really out of the sudden when I know that you've gone. I thought I heard some good news about you earlier on. I can see how sad your family is. I know you will do good, so as the people you leave behind.

Rest in peace. I will see you in your next life.

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