Sunday, April 18, 2010

On Golden Pond

I just finished watching this movie named "On Golden Pond". I chose the wrong location to watch this movie as I shed tears in the public. I would like to believe that no one saw me doing that or it was going to be real embarras. The reason I watched this movie was due to my final paper. We were required to write our final paper base on this movie and therefore I "forced" to watch it.

Perhaps education system in Malaysia led me believe that education materials must be very bored. This movie was chose by the "professors" and in addition, it was a movie produced back in 1981 and won 3 Oscars (You know how some people think that Oscars' winners movies are only for some freaks?). All of the above mentioned reasons gave me valid reason to believe that this movie must be very bored. I then chose to watch it in a public location in order to force myself not to fall asleep half way through.

Apparently, I found out I was so wrong after the first 5 minutes of this movie. It was entertaining, and most importantly, it was touching and left me with thoughts. There are some movies they will outdated after awhile, especially those Hollywood action movies that you can named of. No offence for all those action movies lovers, I love action movies too. I am sure 20 years later when you watched back, some of the special effects might seemed silly to us. However, some movies will stay in our hearts for long time and will not faded easily like those others.

The old Norman (starred by Henry Fonda) in this movie reminded me of my dad a little, and a dear friend of mine who doesn't know how to show his emotion, his care and his love. Henry Fonda is such a great actor that I do not feel he is acting at all. I can see how's Norman's age of 80 reminded him so much about dying and the physical challenge, as well as dementia have made him struggle in his late life. I really like this "old poop"! And of course, his lovely wife.

I am not good in turning this good movie into words here. I would like to highly recommended this movie to all of you who value good movies like I do. I do not even need to hang in there for a minute in this entire movie. It is simply great! If you ever got a chance to watch this movie, tell me how you feel and what you think about it :)


~~Dreams Come True~~ said...

Haha, i have cried watching movies dont know how many times, and even in public hahaha...its embarassing, but jus cant help it

Zoe said...

Ya, that's what happen to me :P I said it's embarrassing because that was a cafe, not a movie theatre so people don't know what's wrong with me. LOL

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