Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Trip To The Carribean

It has been four days since my trip to Carribean ended. "Somebody" complained that I was so lazy for not undating my blog. Now I am here, for Chia's sake. Haha!

The Friday morning that we left NJ was a night when snowstorm started. I heard it was about 3 inches thick. We were lucky to know that we were the last flight for that day. All the flights canceled or delayed since then.

After covering the body under the thick coat for more than three months, this was the first time I wore singlets again. The weather and the buildings in Carribean made me felt I was home in Malaysia. They looked so similar. However, the traffic here is sort of "special". They drive cars at left hand side (like Malaysia) but the driver seats are at left hand side as well (like US). It is kind of weird.

Well, I don't have much time to write a long long blog these days. I guess I would rather upload more photos. They will tell you thousand words.

We just arrived and spend a day at St. Thomas island, one of the US Virgin Islands.

Nice beach, but I would say the best is yet to come.

On the way to St. John, another quieter island and have nicer beaches. Hopefully I can tell more about St. John island in my next entry before my memory faded.


Myles said...

walau. u went to carribean only upload these FEW photoes. at least must be 100 lah!! Gosh..hahha.glad that u have a good time. :P u are tanned, man! nvm lah, still as pretty as me!! hehe.. love you muaks!

Zoe said...

Well, all these are from St. Thomas only. I told you I will tell more about St. John in my next blog entry, don't you read that? It's last paragraph. Arggg... I just spent 1 day at St. Thomas, so nothing much to say la. Yaya, i know! I am tanned, you don't have to keep REMINDING me that!! :P

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