Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bad Day(s)?

I can't believe it! I really can't believe it! How could it happen? How did I let it happen? OH MY GOD!!!

That's the different between policy of wireless company in US and Malaysia. My host mom signed up a calling plan for me the first week when I arrived. She pays $90++ per month so that I have 1300 minutes to use each month. (Everyday after 9pm and weekends do not count in the minutes, means I can call anyone, as long as I like throughout the whole country of USA.) Sounds great? It is. What I did not know is, when it says I have 1300 minutes to use, the minutes are including the incoming calls. I DID NOT KNOW THAT!!

So now you can guess what had happened...

Oh ya, I over the limit! When you use over the time limit of the plan, the extra money that they charge is crazily expensive. Ladies and Gentlemen, Guess what? I have been extra charged for ------ 400 USD!!!

I can't believe it! How could that happen??? I still can't accept this truth! Oh my god!! I told Chia about it, she kept telling me to think about the Caribbean trip this coming weekend. She said "assume" that I paid only $400 then I can go to Caribbean, isn't it worth? Hmmm... What else can I think? Positive thinking is really important to me now... $400... If convert to RM...


I am broke now, for sure!


The two weeks' Spring break started yesterday. I am going to have the kids with me for whole day until Friday morning (the time we leave to Caribbean). It is seriously tiring. I do not have much time for myself to do my own stuff but to stick with them whole day.

Today I arranged a playdate for the girl. Her friend's mom, Virginia asked me to go to pick her daughter at a community church at 11.30am. It is a church located at Pennington town, which is 20 minutes away from my house. Like I said, to drive in US is kind of easy because you can use "Mapquest" to search for the direction of the location. MOST OF THE TIME, it is accurate. There are times when the directions are not so clear or accurate. It happened again today.

I was holding a paper with the directions on it with me while I was driving. When I almost reached there, the proceed became complicated. There is a road which Virginia told me to turn in but it is not stated in the direction. I was trying to find the road's name while driving. I slowed down the car and suddenly a split road appeared in front of me. I did not know which way I should turn but I needed to decide it within seconds. At the very last minute, I pulled over my car to right. I did not feel what's wrong with it as no car really near me at that time. Then, I saw a police car behind me. The siren and its light was on. It means, I did something wrong and I must stop. (I am experienced in this)

Of course, I stoped. I didn't really know what I have done wrong at that time. I rolled down my window and he told me what I have done. I couldn't really understand him that time because I was still in a very blur situation. He became very impatient and asked me, "How long do you have your license?" I told him I am holding International Driving License. His next sentence scared me. I was really frightened by him.

"Guess what? Your license gonna be suspended!"

OH MY GOD!! What?? I couldn't believe my ears again.

Now whenever I recall the moment, I think he was just trying to frightened me. If a police really want to take any actions, he or she would get down from the car but not sitting inside the car and talked to me like what he did. He knew he succeed in frightening me and he asked me to relax. I tried to explain to him that I was finding the road and that's why make such turn in hurry. He shouted at me, "Forget about the road! You almost caused an accident!!"

Really? What I remember is he was quite far behind me. Anyway what can I do at that moment? Well, I guess I could just "act pity" and ask him to give me a chance. So I did.

After he reached his purpose of scaring me, he asked me where was I heading. I told him my destination and he pointed back and said, "It is just right behind there." He then stared at me and said, "Be careful" and drove off. Should I feel thankful to him?

All these just happened in a minute but it was like a century long for me. Like I always said, I am here to experience my life. Now you know I really do.

Cheers! ;)


Myles said...

sorry to hear that. sorry that there's nothing i can actually do to help. i wasn't laughing at u anyway that night when u told me about that. though, it was ewally funny when u told me about the joke of asking the paycheck back from ur host dad/ i tried very very hard not to laugh but i cant. u know me. sorry. cheer up. you will be fine. trsut me ok?? I mah lagi teruk when i was in california??i was down in th eluck for three FULL months!! Cant you imagine?? ALL those stupid horrible things occured to me everyday..u know that..u will get it over. trust me. love ya. all the best. anything i cna help , tell me,ciao.

Zoe said...

oh my god!! I told you that is because I wanna make you laugh and make myself laugh as well. You know me, as long as is not really really really serious thing, I can always take it easy. Ofcz I will abit down, but the feeling will over soon. And I know you surely will take my problems as yours, thats y gotta say something funny to make us laugh. Laugh can make the burden become lighter and I did feel relief after I laughed that night. So dun say sorry k? Cheers!

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