Monday, April 2, 2007

Trip To The Carribean II

After spending one night at St. Thomas, we went to St. John the next afternoon. It is a much quieter island compare to St. Thomas and the beaches here are more beautiful, too.

These photos were taken at St. John harbour.

We waited for a very long time for the taxi to come and picked us up to the house we rented. Meanwhile my host dad came back with a red Jeep he rented and brought us to the nearby supermarket to get some food as my host mom said she wanted to cook for dinner. The children kept making noise while we waited in the car and so I had to figure out what to do to make the situation better.

Finally, we arrived at the house that we would live for a week. The house was nice. It was located at the top of a mountain and the scenary was really breath taking. I couldn't believe I was going to stay here for a week, with such amazing scenary welcoming me every morning when I opened my eyes. Take a look at these.

This was the scenary that kissed my eyes open every morning.

I liked to sit at the balcony besides the swimming pool and read a book while listening to songs everyday. Whenever I looked up, what I saw was as shown in the photos above, ten times much more beautiful. At those moments, I felt so gratitude to my host parents. Thanks to them for bringing me to this trip. They are always so dear to me.

My bedroom

I swam at least 10 laps everyday in this pool.

My host mom loved to having dinner here.

The Carribbean (also known as West Indies) is a group of islands in the Carribbean Sea. According to Wikipedia, there are at least 7000 islands, islets, reefs and cayes in the region which owned by different countries. The places I went were only US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands. There are St. Thomas and St. John which belong to US, also Jost Van Dyke and Tortola which belong to British. Most of the residents there are West Indians whom once were slaves.

We were hiking to a beach.
The view of the ocean when hiking
Finally we were there!

We went sailing on Thursday (March, 22nd). This was the experience that I enjoyed the most throughout the whole trip. The two caves showing below were the place we went snorkeling. The mask was sucks and so I did not really see anything but kept drinking sea water. Anyway the sea here was really clean. As you can see from the photo below, we could even see this big fish clearly on the boat.

These were the photos taken on the second last day of my trip. Whenever I knew that my vacation was almost came to the end, this song kept repeating in my mind,

"Leaving, on a jet plane,
Don't know when I'll be back again..."

I was on my way to the harbour to take a ferry back to St. Thomas (where the airport located) when I took these photos.

Look, the driver side is at left hand side and they drive at left hand side as well.

Hopefully I have chance to go back again, with my dearest friends. ;)


Myles said...

waa.. why you so black one?? Gosh!!! Now fairer abit not?? still like black girl ar? hahaha. you know what? I love beach alot. love the blue water, the sand and the sun..but..i always worry of getting tanned! love and hate, both exist at teh same time.. haha. really, very much like reading island.. :) pretty though, just, i think i would chose to explore the rest of the island in malaysi. hehe. really happy that chu have fun. Yeah! love you. muaks!

Zoe said...

when are you gonna stop saying me BLACK?? i am not ok!! althought abit tanned... :P well, i am black, so what? still alive, and still have you as my friend! hihi! ya, agree! love and hate, at the same time. so whenever people asking me whether i like to go to beach, this will be the most difficult question for me to answer! hehe! anyway, thank CHU thank CHU!

lampfly said...

Haha tat's called "Hitam Manis" la.. a skin colour tat "mat salleh" likes a lot, so be proud!!
I think most of the Malaysian don like beach as the European or American, as we've the hot sun everyday wat for going to beach? I think u n me like air-cond much more..hehe

Zoe said...

Hi lampfly! so surprise to see you here! miss you a lot... how are you recently? ya, you are right. I should be proud as americans told me the same thing. hehe! the trip made me recalled our trip to redang island... take good care always :)

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