Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I am so afraid of sunlight. I know I am not the only one, most of the girls I know are so afraid of sunlight. That is the reason why whitening products always hit the top selling point in Malaysia. I have to spend 9 days in Carribean with my family here. Today is Tuesday, I still have five days to go.

I talked to my host mom about we girls always try our best to get fairer or at least we don't want to be darker. My host mom said those whites are so eager to expose themselves under sunlight so that they do not look so pale. And she is right in a sense that, we always do not like what we have.

The families like to go to the beach at afternoon. Gosh, as you know afternoon sun always so..... HOT! The UVA and UVB can kill you! I did not follow them to the beach yesterday and last night the mother of the other family (whose name is Katherine, same as my host mom's name) asked me whether I really like this vacation. I was so embarassed to answer her. I understand why she asked me this way. I rather stayed at home alone instead of go to the beach with them. I have to clarify, is not that I don't want to go, it is because is damn hot during afternoon ok! The sun is killing!

Since my action already created some "questions" to other people, today I have to go. Nobody false me, my host family never will. Anyway I went, just wanna use my "action" to "clarify", hehe!

We went hiking before we reached the beach. Again, it was afternoon. I did not wear my swimming suit under the cloths as others did because my host mom asked me whether wanna go at last minute. I packed my things in hurry and rushed into the Jeep. I couldn't remember how long was the journey. When we were there, everybody was sweating like just after shower. They took off their clothes and ran to the sea like crazy especially kids. I stayed at the beach. Erm.. is not that I don't like to swim, is because it was too......... hot! Although I hoped to jump into the sea, but whenever I stepped on the sand bare footed, is was damn hot!

Then... On the way back...

(H = Host mom, I = me)

H: So in Malaysia you have a lot of nice beach?

I: Ya, the beach especially nice on the islands. We have a few very famous islands.

H: Are you house far away from the beach?

I: Not really. Only about 10 minutes drive.

H: Oh... So you really get used to it. We have to travel thousand miles so see this view. Therefore we really treasure the time we spend on the beach. Hehe! I know you maybe feel bored to spend nine days here... like ah.... what should I do? ....

I: NONONONONO.... I really enjoy this trip. NEVER thought that I am bored. I am NOT. REALLY!

Oh my god! haha... Just because I stayed at the beach and read book. I would love to join them if they go to the beach at the evening, or maybe early in the morning, or before noon but definitely NOT AFTERNOON! I joined them the 1st and 2nd day on the beach and my skin was so painful although I already applied PLENTY of sunblock.

Tomorrow I plan to stay at home alone no matter what they think :P It is relaxing to stay at such a beautiful house with wonderful view, alone. Without those noisy and crazy kids (actually mostly just one of them who really drive me crazy), I can do whatever I want, PEACEFULLY...

I really love the beach, too bad we always go there at the wrong time.


Myles said...

haha, i told my host mum that u said carribean has nothing special and u are bored there. she was so surprised. hehe. and then i said Zoe said that the beaches and Island in malaysia is wayy more pretty. she said, 'well, that's nice. i am sure that you guys really have nice quality beaches there. btu for americans, carribean is the best.." hehe.

she asked abotu u alot. guess she loves you. seeya.

Zoe said...

wow! haha! i was wrong la. i will update my trip on carribean soon. i gotta clarify something :P thanks to her, say i love her too ;)

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