Monday, January 4, 2010

San Francisco and Napa Valley

It's another brand new year.

What a boring way to start my blog!

First of all, quick update about myself. I have posted an article more than a month ago about planning for a trip. I finally didn't go anywhere for Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, I am able to make it for New Year! Yay!! It doesn't mean I didn't have fun for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I spent most of my time playing Mah Jong (which I just learned and get addicted lately, lol!) for those vacations. Lucky enough, I was able to get a little getaway to San Francisco and Napa Valley and spent my new year vacations there. San Francisco is always the place that I wanted to go for a long time. I enjoyed the trip, although I have lost something important in that trip; something that I might not be able to get it back.

San Francisco indeed is a beautiful and unique place to visit. However, I like Napa Valley better as I always love natures. The only set back for the trip to Napa Valley was all the grapes were gone and leaves were dried since now is winter time. Oh ya, for those who are not familiar with Napa Valley, it is a famous place where the people grow grapes to produce wine. The beauty scenary as described "picturesque rolling hills planted with vineyards year-round and wineries of every stature dot the landscape" was breathtaking. As you know, I love wine and I enjoyed wine tasting tour. I am not a "wine expert", not even close. However, I learned to appreciate wine a little bit better after the tour. At least I have learned the basic way to differentiate good wine from bad. LOL!

Where are all the pictures?? Oh gosh, I will think about it whether or not to post them here. :P (I do not want to simply give my words as I did last time for Halloween and I never did that!)

The trip took us 6 hours drive from Orange County. Some people do not like long distance trip but I do. Six hours was not too long for me to sit in the car after all. The fun thing about a trip does not start on the destination but the process of getting to the destination is one of the exciting parts for me. Besides, I always enjoy sitting in the car with the music on and see the scenary passing by.

I spent my last day of vacation, which is yesterday to rest at home for entire day. Another set back of the trip was my monthly period made my emotion fluctuate a lot. I get frustrated easily and my weak body made me could not enjoy the max of my trip, especially the second rainy day and the last Napa trip. I actually enjoyed the trip very much but physically, I just feel like lying down on a bed and sleep. I appreciate the patience and tolarance that my friends gave me.

Therefore I spent my entire Sunday lying down on my bed. I did not step out from my room except for going to bathroom. I was impressed by myself for not taking any proper food the whole day, except for 2 pieces of cookies for lunch and 3 quarters of chocolate bar for dinner. And, some wine for my supper! LOL! I am easy to get emotionally after having some wine. I did not do anything on day time but only started unpacked my stuff, did my laundry and cleaned my room at the evening. I am blessed I did not need to worry anything at work or school for that day but rest. I feel good that I can waste my luxurious time once in a while and spoil myself like that. Everything back to normal routine today but my school has not started until next week. Therefore besides working, I still have plenty of time to do what I always wanted to do.

The reason I am writing blog today, was because I wanted to write about a show on KIIS FM that I listened to this morning on my way to school. I ended up writing some update about myself and my time is gone. I will (hopefully) write about it later on when I get home since it is an interesting topic to talk about.


Ah Peang said...

Hey gal,I'm really enjoy in reading your blog so do post some of your pictures to share as well.

Brand New Year,i hope i did travel in somewhere.haha..

Wish you all the best in this new year.What more important is full of health, wealth and happy memory.

Zoe said...

Hey Peang! Thank you for saying that. I just posted the photos a few minutes after you visited. It took me hours to get it done. Thank you for caring and your wishes :) I wish you have a prosperous 2010! All the best ^_^

hoayming said...

hey, Happy new year! nice trip hoh!!

update more la...nice to reading ur blog! =)

Zoe said...

Thanks Datou :)You guys and girls who care are actually the main motivation for me to keep writing.

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