Monday, May 18, 2009

A trip to San Diego (Part 2)

Hey guys! I know, I know, I know. I took way too long to update the photos for San Diego trip as I promised. That was because I need to get the inform consent from the photographer in order to cover my bud so that I am free from copyright infringement. (Just kidding. He is nice enough to let me show his works here.) The truth is, there are too many nice pictures and I have hard time screening all 200++ of them. Anyway, here we go again:

I like this picture because it does not look real. Sounds odd? Hmm.. I think this looks like it has been edited by using photoshop, cut and paste my image in the middle of flower field.

Another amazing picture. It is simply a good shot by showing the little path among the flowers. I love the zooming of this photo as the flowers were a little blur. It looks like the path was the main subject of this particular picture, but not the flowers.

Compare to the above pic, which one you like better?

I need to write something about this Sweet Pea Maze. It was a funny and embarassing experience. I saw a lot of people were playing this maze and I asked my friend to come along. For the first 15seconds after we entered the maze, I started complaining of how easy this maze was because it only has one path to follow. I thought this maze existed to cheat the little kid. After I finished my sentence, there were 3 split lanes appeared in front of us. My friend laughed out loud and said I made conclusion too early. He was right because we used approximately 15-20minutes to get out from this little maze. He couldn't stop teasing me. We took different paths from there and I lost for quite awhile. I looked at the exit, it was so near and yet so far away. Everytime when I thought I was moving towards the exit, I was actually reaching another dead end and kept going back to the same spot. Embarass and yet fun!
Yellow flowers and the blue sky!

Look at the rainbow colors and the busy crowd.

It was a beautiful blue sky holiday.
My friend is really good in taking close-up pics of flowers. Let me show you some of his amazing works.

Masterpiece! How amazing when one could capture this moment. The bees would not stand still and let you take your own sweet time to take their pic. He is really skillful. I would like to give him credit here. Thanks "Uncle Tom"! These photos shown were all taken by him. My camera was not good enough to take all these amazing pics. Or perhaps I should say I am not skillful enough? hehe! I am now looking forward for this Friday trip to Six Flags! Yes, Six Flags Magic Mountain in Southern California.


hoayming said...

wow!!i'm jealous u lor!!

~~Dreams Come True~~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~~Dreams Come True~~ said...

All pics are beautifully shot. Which is nice? Perhaps all those without you inside? Haha, just kidding. You look terrific in them. Not as fake as you think of. Hehe. Live life cool, gal! Miss you here.

Zoe said...

Thanks for your jealousy. LOL. Well, come visit me. I will take you there.

Soo Lee,
Actually, I am agree with you when you say "those without you inside". I told my friend the same thing. Having human in there just spoil the beauty of the pics. (Sounds mean but it's true. LOL) Thanks tho, you take care too. Miss ya.

nanaho said...

From the two pictures, i will choose the second one.I mean it like can tell many stories from the picture.haha..may be im thinking too much..but i like it.

christinamadness said...

wow so NICE!! i loikes :)

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