Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Map

A good friend of mine, Soo Lee, has posted the world map in her blog and filled the red color for those countries she has visited. I find this is interesting and I created my own map.

First of all, look at the world map. It "looks like" I have visited a lot of countries but God knows I only visited 5 in total! Not even been to Thailand and Indonesia that are so close to my home country. And now I am in USA. Still, I do not grab the chance to visit Mexico and Canada and other surrounded countries since USA alone is big enough for me to discover. She has visited 18 states but her world map looked not "as red as" mine. LOL! I am lucky that I have been to Beijing once and this map made me like visited the whole China. And I just visited 19 states in US but the map made me visited Alaska as well! It is interesting tho.

visited 5 states (2.22%)

visited 17 states (34%)

For those of you who like to travel and have travelled around, why not make your own map and tell yourself someday, you are going to fill every single space RED! (It is not too hard as long as you make Russia, China, USA, India and Canada part of your travelling destinations. LOL)

P/S: I forgot to provide the website earlier on. Here is the place to visit to create your own map: Thanks Hoay Ming for reminding me.


hoayming said...

i wan to have my own too!! but, i dunno how to create ler...:(

Zoe said...

Thanks for reminding me to put on the website. I have updated the blog. Just visit the website and create your own territory!

Anonymous said...

your site is loading slowly..

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