Monday, April 27, 2009

A trip to San Diego (Part 1)

My original plan when I first stepped in the US was travelling around for a year and then go back home, find a job and continue my life back there. And I did travel to some places when I was still in New Jersey. However, ever since I decided to pursue my master degree here in California, I hardly go anywhere. The reason is simple, I need to SURVIVE, not simply enjoying life. My daily routine is basically go to work in the morning and then go to school at night time. When there have certain nights I do not need to go to school, I go to yoga class. Simple life, yet quite fulfilling.
I have been crazily busy for the past few weeks when I need to complete my final papers, final exam and presentation. Taking 3 subjects in a semester is not really an overly heavy burden, but it can drive people crazy when come to the end of semester, when all final papers due at once. I am glad I made it, at least I am still alive and carry on with my life here ^_^
As I mentioned earlier, ever since I am here in California, I hardly go anywhere but Hollywood, Universal Studio, Six Flags and... that's it! Nevertheless, I am lucky enough to have a friend offered to take me to San Diego, a place where I always want to go. Finally, I was there last Saturday.

I always see the beautiful pictures of flower fields in the magazine, newspaper and books but I never see them with my own eyes. Guess what? I did it last Saturday. When I arrived a place called Carlsbad Ranch, I almost forgot to breath. Yes, the beauty of nature sometimes could be breath taking. I can't believe I am finally able to see the flower field present right in front of me, with the rainbow color in bloom. Here we go:

I particularly like this statue, with no specific reason. Then I would like to present to you another beautiful beach in California.

I went to the old town in San Diego, a beautiful history district. I was too busy browsing those unique shops and stuff until totally forgot about taking pictures. Therefore if I ever have chance to go back there again then I might take some. My friend has taken more pictures of those flowers and most of the close-up photos are fantastic and professional. I would show you those amazing pics when he gives me the copies. By then, see ya!


weekang? said...


hoayming said...

its awesome!! a picture say thousands wordsssssssssssssss!!! i wanna b thr!!!!

Zoe said...

Sorry, technical problem. Now it is up again.

Yup, that's why I did not say much and let the photos tell the story :) Please come, I always hope there will be people visiting here and I can have fun with em. Yeah!

simple_hanz said...

san diego...
nice trip huh?
I wan go ahhhhhh...

Zoe said...

Lol. Just come. Jie jie wait you here ;) hehe!

~~Dreams Come True~~ said...

This is simply AWESOME!!! The flowers, the colours...!!! SPLENDID!!! And the statue is simply cute.

nanaho said...


Zoe said...

Soo Lee,
Nice leh... Just come visit me la :P


GUE said...

hi dear

this is my eml add

please do not send any thing through my yahoo.i have not using that for more than a year,sorry for not informing very special i accidentally open up yahoo

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