Friday, November 13, 2009

Planning for Vacation

You know what? It is really help to write a blog when I feeling blue, down, sad, frustrated, annoyed or even angry. I am now feeling better and really started considering the possibility of going to Yosemite and Grand Canyon, for my end of the year long vacation.

I came to United States on November 27, 2006. I have been here for almost 3 years now. I spent my 1st Christmas with my host family in New Jersey at Beaverkill, New York and touched the snow for the very first time in my life. Ever since then, I never spend my Xmas and New Year in US. The 2 following years, I went back to Malaysia and spend my hot and humid Christmas with my family and friends back there. This year, I will spend my very first Christmas and New Year here in West Coast of United States. The fact that I never go to Niagara Fall when I was at East Coast is really a regret. A few minutes after I wrote my last blog, I started search the information for Yosemite National Park and Grand Canyon in Arizona. Both of the location required at least 7-8 hours drive. I haven't driven long distance since I completed my summer job last summer. Two years ago, I drove 16 hours non-stop all the way from North Carolina to Mississippi by myself. Today, I am not sure whether I can do that still.

The pictures from the searched results are really breath taking. Whether or not I am able to find a traveling partner to go with me, I am now considering to go alone if there aren’t any people interested going. I do not think I should waste my precious vacation sitting home, going nowhere, and doing nothing. Just take a look at the pictures below, I started fall in love with these places, especially the national park.

Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona
Grand Canyon, Arizona
Yosemite National Park, California

I need to find out more information for these 2 places and hope I will be able to go. If my budget not allow me to go to both places, I would consider Santa Barbara which is 2 hours away from me as another option. I keep my fingers cross, hopefully things will turn out fine.


Ah Peang said...

May u find someone to get along for such a wonderful trip.I also planning go for Europe trip next yr.I really need to save more money, so i can go visit u someday:) Take care gal.

~~Dreams Come True~~ said...

What made u feeling so blue?
Anyway, the Grand Canyon is also one of the many places i wish i could visit one day. Happy planning and have a wonderful trip.

hoayming said...

16 hours NON stop! geng!

Nways, just go with ur budget! dont sit @ home go no wer is the most siens n waste!=)

Zoe said...

Seriously, save your money and fly here. I will be your tour guide. Make sure you do it while I am still in this country ;)

You know what, planning seems always remain "planning" for me.. Sigh! Both places seem not doable for me at this time because of the weather for Yosemite National Park and my friends just back from Grand Canyon. So, has to figure other places to go. But I definitely want to GO SOMEWHERE!
Hopefully you will be able to make a trip to Grand Canyon with me someday...

You are right! I want to get my butt out of the house!

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