Friday, November 13, 2009


The anxiety level in me is climbing up. I do not really have a good week this week, not sure why tho. Is it because today is Friday the 13th?? I just feel frustrated, irritated and annoyed. I feel like want to pack my bag and go somewhere, anywhere.

Maybe I really need to take a break and have a little getaway. I remember there are times when I do not in a good mood, going to places close to nature would help. Places like beach, garden, jungle, mountain... Maybe it's time for me to back to nature. I miss the feeling cycling along the beach with the wind kissing my face. Perhaps I should do it this weekend? Or maybe run away to national park like Yosemite this Thanksgiving vacation? How about drive to Grand Canyon for the Christmas long vacation to view this wonder of the world? Maybe I should do them all???

I want to run away from reality NOW.

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