Friday, February 16, 2007


This is the country house of my host parents in NY, Beaverkill

Well, my previous blog account is sucks! I can't upload any of my photo. Don't ask me, I seriously don't know why. After being scold by my friend, finally I am here in Blogger!

This is my first blog in Blogger. I don't really know what to write yet... Hmmm... since CNY is around the corner, I think I should start by writing about CNY.

I am so happy now as the kids are away. They are now on their way to their beautiful country house as showing above. Is not that I don't like them, but holidays are always good for me. In fact, I believe holidays are always good for most of the people. The second thing which make me feel so excited is.... NOBODY IS HOME!!! YEAH!! I am the KING of the house now!

This is the first time i celebrate my CNY oversea. Some of my friends in Malaysia thought that I would be lonely and sad here, but I myself don't think so. I always believe that you can do something to change the situation if you are not satisfy with it. And I gonna do that...

Since the whole house is mine for few days, I'm gonna make good use of it. What do you think? Yea, you are right. PARTY! I'm gonna organise an "International Chinese New Year Party" tomorrow night (Feb 17, Sat). Until this moment, I have invited my the girls from Austria, South Africa, USA, Thailand and of course Malaysia. Most probably we are going to make hot pot (we call it steamboat in Malaysia) but not sure yet. Take a look at the hot pot that Chia and I made for Americans during Christmas celebration. It was at Beaverkill.

I still remember they were so excited because most of them never try it before. Although I feel happy to make them the hot pot, but we are just serving them instead of having fun ourselves. Anyway, it is a very good memory. I hope Chia won't mind cause she was the one who help me to serve them the whole night. Hehe! Okok, now I promise you Chia, it won't be same this time. What you need to do is just sit down and eat during the dinner.

Ok now, I have to go. I will keep updating myself. Take good care all my friends.

Happy Chinese New Year!


Myles said...

aha.. "I promise you chia, you only have to sit down and eat, you dont have to do anything..." Hehe..again, the truth is totally opposite. everytime gotta work for you.. hehe..u gotta pay me next time. :p no lah. even though i was really really tired but it was fun.really. fun to cook and fun to eat, even though i didnt really eat that much. we had fun, that's the utmost important you. seeya

Zoe said...

walau! haha... U know wat? actually when I read back after the dinner my face really turning red leh... hahaha... wat i promise cannot be true again. haih! sorry lo. I thought u have fun ma... sorry lo.. then no next time liao lo. hihi! :P if ur fate la, u gotto accept it. who ask u is my fren wo? :P

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