Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Driving to New York

Sometimes people will just get frustrated so suddenly without any reason. We usually say "pek cek" in Hokkien which describes the feeling the best. I was like this last Friday night. Out of the sudden, I just have a very bad mood. I don't even know why. I called Chia to express my feeling. I really needed to find a way out. She just replied me, "Why not you come over to my place now?"

I was stunned for only 1 second and I decided to go. That time was about 9pm. Her house is an hour and 45 minutes away from mine by driving. It is in New York, Long Island. I never been there before and it was really dark and cold outside as now is winter but I just could not wait anymore. I hung up the phone and went to pack a few clothes. With a little luggage of mine and a piece of paper showing the direction to her house, I began my journey, alone.

I feel so thankful to my wonderful host family to let me drive across the state with their car. It is indeed a wonderful and precious experience to drive here in US. I went through a huge and really beautiful bridge named George Washington Bridge which lead to The Bronx. The traffic in NY is really crazy. The freeway (We called high way in Malaysia. We have six roads highway but here have 12 roads.) is huge but the drivers are like racers from the movie "Initial D" or "The Fast and The Furious". Most of them are driving in this way. You should experience it here. Thank God I am still alive!

New York City is really a very beautiful city, not only in Manhattan. I would never discover the wonderful of this city if I never drive there. Most of the people would take train to the city. It is convenient but we might miss a lot of fantastic scenary. With the help of the direction from "Mapquest", I finally reached her house safely. I only took one and a half hour to be there. I wonder how I did it. Anyway, I would never forget this precious and awesome experience.

I spent my weekend with Chia and two South African girls (Puleng and Nadima) by having a lot of fun. Chia and I even went to a super expensive restaurant + bistro to have our dinner. Can you imagine a plate of pork chop, just pork chop, whithout any side dishes cost $33? Not included tax and tips. However the food there is so........... yummy! Even now I can still smell and taste the juicy pork chop! Too bad we did not take any photo.

Anyway, thanks again to my dearest host parents. They are so wonderful! Especially my host dad! He is such a nice guy. He not only let me drive the car to New York, he even lend me his Ezpass (just like the Smart Tag)! I saved a lot of $$ by avoiding to pay the tolls by my own. Thank you so much Duke! Thanks to Chia and her host mom for inviting me and I really have a wonderful weekend.

I shared my experience with my friends and they feel so excited to know that I can use my car to go outstation. Therefore we are now planning a road trip to Washington DC this coming April, when is the season of cherry blossom. We plan to drive to Niagara Fall which located near Ohio someday as well. Before these, I am now counting down to go to Carribean with my host family this spring....


Myles said...

hehe. yalo. you geng:P hahah.. it's really nice to have a car to drive around, but the best thing here is to have the guts to drive around in the midle of the night to a totally strange area.. hmm.. yeah.. protocol remains as protocol.. :P
yeah.. drive to Washington DC next time loh.. you.

Zoe said...

oh yea? Maybe... hihi... Oh ya, now Boston, then Washington. Gogogo! Yeah! Remember to take tons and tons of photosss hoh, hehe! Lov ya too ;)

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