Thursday, February 22, 2007

New York City

New York City, a city that never sleep.

Long time ago I feel like wanna write about this city. Due to some technical problem, I delayed it until today. To go to this city from my home, it takes me one hour and 40 minutes. It is pretty close and I already been there for about five times. However, the feeling is always different everytime when I was there.

I always remember the 1st time I stood in the middle of Time Square, I can't even believe I am here in America. When I looked at the colourful electronic billboards which surrounding me, the feeling is amazed! It makes me think of the animation of "Shark Tale".

We always say a picture speaks a thousand words. But the beauty and amaze of NYC really cannot show in these photos. If you ever have a chance to come here, you definitely should not miss the chance to view this "City of the World". And it really is.

I joined NYC tour when I was having my orientation in Standford, Connecticut. One of our destiny is Empire State Building. I stood at the top of the highest building in NY (currently) and viewed the city. It was night time but the view was still so impressive.

Whenever think of US, whenever think of NY, you will surely think of -- Statue of Liberty. I shot these photos the 2nd time I visited NY with SzeChia. We travelled on a ferry to look around NYC and the Statue. I just counld not stop snapping the photos, trying to get the best angle of the statue. It was hard because the ferry is moving fast and everybody tried to get a good place to shoot the best photo.

Take a look at Brooklyn Bridge.

New York is made of five boroughs which are Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. All of them are islands except The Bronx. The Bronx is the only borough of New York that is physically connected to the mainland of United States. Normally what we familiar about NY is only Manhattan, which is the "City of the city". It is a well developed place, including Brooklyn. New York is actually quite a big state that other boroughs are undeveloped especially The Bronx that consisted mostly of cottages and farmlands. Therefore, I only visited a very small portion of New York, which is mainly in Manhattan, the New York City.

Finally, I would like to share with you this photo, the former World Trade Center. It used to be the tallest building in NY before it collapsed, but now it is just a construction site. I still remember the tour guide said, "Nobody believed that this building would collapsed. Everybody thought it was just a big joke when it happened. It was so tall....."

It was.

They are going to rebuild it, but not as tall as before.

Below are the photos I took when I visited the fire station which located next to the former WTC. They carved these pictures on the wall to remember the incident. In fact, those pictures are carved in their hearts...

In my next blog, I am going to share with you another part of NY -- Chinatown. See you then :)


chrys|er said...

omG ponteng! you are so enjoying yourself wei! :P *jealous* *jealous* anyway, i am glad you are. take care and have a great CNY in America owwkay. muax.

Zoe said...

Hi Christ! Long time no see! how are you doing? I bet you are having your good time as well. So, nonid jealous la. hehe! Wish you have a prosperity Chinese New Year. take care! ;)

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