Saturday, March 26, 2011


It is interesting to see how people have different expectation to so-called "psychologists". I was a psychology student. There are times when I was being "too helpful" to help others with their problems. Now I realize what made my professors warned us, again and again, to hold our urge to help our friends or our family members with their problems. And yes, we study psychology and we help others on their relationship problems. It does not mean however, we are not going to make mistakes in our lives.

When there is an issue occurs in a family, and if there is someone ever studied "psychology" or currently a psychologist, he or she is normally the target to be blamed on or the scape goat of the family.

"Aren't you the psychologist helping others to fix their problems? Now fix this! Fix your dad!"

I remember we laughed when my professor told us what happened in her family. Things can be extremely intense when our family members involved. I bet there is nothing more tense than fighting with your love ones including your partner, parents and children.

From time to time, I heard these myself from my friends and my love ones, "Wow, I thought you studies psychologist. You should know what to do." "Aren't you a psychologist student? How come you still making the same mistakes like other women?" "Where is all the psychology knowledge that you've learned goes?"

They probably forgot, I am still a human being like everybody else. They probably not remember, I, too, would make mistakes like everybody else, would cry like a baby, would angry with certain things. They probably do not expect, I still have defensive mechanism in me that will be turned on if I got offended. They probably thought, all psychologists should act like saints or angels, ALL THE TIME.

Isn't it interesting? Then I know, I can't simply complain to anyone, except for my other psychologist friends. Then I know, I won't be able to get the empathy in return when I share my problems with friends, even though I gave my empathy to them most of the time.

The only difference that I can see in me while comparing to others, is that I am able to handle things in a more mature way after the storm is over. I know that when I am involving in the intense fight with my family/partner, I am as irrational as others and perhaps will do a lot of childish things. I am no difference than others, but an ordinary woman that will make mistakes from time to time. I do have emotions as everybody else.

I learned to accept my imperfections. I am learning to accept my limits as a human being. And I believe I will be a better person if I do not quit learning in my life, regardless what others expect me to be.


Anonymous said...

yeah.nobody's perfect. Humans have flaws. But we all need to keep learning in order to be a better person; we get the lessons from life :-). Good Luck!

Zoe said...

Thanks. I have a feeling this is from an old friend. Wish you all the best too :)

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