Thursday, March 4, 2010

Going Back Home

I finally bought my ticket back to Malaysia 2 days ago. I am so darn excited! Wohooooo!

I should have bought it earlier because the price is raising in the speed of light! I remember I checked the price online about 2 weeks ago and the price was USD1100 and I checked it again 2 weeks later, the price went up to USD1300! My 200 dollar just flew away in 2 weeks time. Then I checked the price for August, I found out I can get the good price as low as about USD 900++! Too bad I am not going to wait till August to back home.

I have a lot of things to do for this trip back home, big things and small things. Small things like cut my hair, fix my cloths, shopping, eat like pig, Karaoke... Yohooo! Then I need to get some serious things done. I am going to search for the opportunities that will allow me to continue my doctorate here in US. I am going to do some research to find out whether Malaysia Government recognize doctorate degree like EDD and PsyD besides PhD. I am also going to pursuade my family (especially my dad) to allow me to continue to stay here if I got a chance to continue my study. Last but not least, I am going to have a workshop!

These are huge. However, nothing can compare to the anxiety I have for the workshop I am going to have. It was just a joke at the beginning when I have the conversation with my friend over the phone. Then he started getting serious and encouraged me to do so. His seriousness made me started thinking the possibility of doing that. I then recalled a month ago I went to a workshop and my professor was talking about "How to start your own private practice". One thing that she encouraged us to do was to start giving workshops. Since now I have friends and network that willing to help me to organize, I don't see why I should let go this opportunity.

Here I announce, I am going to have a workshop! Yay!

Well, no turning back now since I announce it here. The anxiety of having the workshop coming from the requirement I have for myself. I am the kind of person that once I want to do something, I will make sure I do my best or just don't do it at all.

A friend told me that I am the kind of person that belongs to the stage. I have to admit that I love stage. I borned on the stage (Well, not literally but I spent more than half of my life on the stage). A lot of time when I see someone on the stage, I feel the desire of wanting to stand there myself.

Topic of the workshop? I have no idea at all. I will work on it soon. I am lucky to have them helping me to organize. Therefore I will not let them down. I will do my part, Promise!

See you all end of June!


~~Dreams Come True~~ said...

Wishing u success in making ur list of plans into reality :)

Zoe said...

You are darn fast!! LOL! I just post it 1 minute ago and then see your message here.

Are you back around this time? I really hope I am able to see you. I will be in Malaysia till 12th Aug.

~~Dreams Come True~~ said...

I will be back in mid July. Should be able to see you, YES! But will see, k? Hehehe, we always blog at the same time perhaps :)

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