Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Year's Gift - Transformer

It has been more than 2 weeks I didn't write anything. Life has been busy, especially when I have a temporary roommate with me and keep me accompanied almost all the time. Sometimes I even forgot it's time to take care of myself due to my busy schedule. While I was digging my cellphone in my handbag yesterday, I saw the 2 expired Angel tickets. I smiled for 2 seconds because some sweet memories have been awaken. Then I realized, it's time to throw them away since they are expired.

For some reason, I love this song a lot lately. I did not pay attention to this Singaporean singer, JJ, at the past. After listening to this song the other day, I started like his songs a lot. Then I realized I actually have 2 of his old albums in my iTune library. There are certain songs that will remind us of somebody, certain events or something. This song reminded me of Disneyland and the time I spent there. Probably it was because the last time I went there this song had been played repeatly.

New year is approaching. I always think if I need a reason to start some thing, new year, new month, new week, or even new day can be one. Among them all, of course new year is the most powerful one. I have been floating in the middle of the nowhere for quite awhile. I take responsibility for my own action and definitely accept the consequences of my action. I do not blame anybody or feel like a victim because that won't help. I guess I have hit the rock bottom and it's time to bounce back and becoming who I used to be. The feeling is good when I am able to finally make up my mind. I feel grounded, more confident and perhaps will become stronger as time goes by. What left now is to execute my decision.

This is the new year gift I give to myself - a transformer. I am transforming to a better self and I will not stop discovering the truth of joy.

Happy Tiger Year!! ^_^


~~Dreams Come True~~ said...

Let's transform for the better ! Happy Tiger Year :P

Ah Peang said...


Zoe said...

Yes, Let's transform for the better! ^_^

Happy New Year and all the best for this Tiger year, Peang and Soo Lee ;)

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