Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I realize that I haven't written anything for over a month. Should I say I am BUSY, I have a lot of things going on, or... just simply... I am getting lazier.... for some reasons. And finally today, I decided to write something.

Halloween is approaching in 2 days. I was not as excited as last year since this is no longer the 1st time celebrating. However, I am excited today after participated my school's little Halloween Parade from Pre-K to 8th Grade. When I arrived school today, I am one of the minority that did not put my costume on because I was not told that I can wear crazy halloween costume to school. Then I saw the little ones and teachers with their colorful and creative costumes on, I then started feel the excitement of celebrating Halloween. You can tell the parents are really throwing money in to get their kids special costumes to put on at this particular day. This is a good sign according to a famous economist that asked us to spend more money during the economy crisis. Or perhaps, the economy is really getting better in US.

Anyway, it is really a big regret for not bringing a camera to school today. Or else I can share with you how wonderful these little kids look like. From princesses like snow white, little mermaid, red riding hood, fairies, angels; to robots and hero figures like superman, batman, ninja, star wars' characters; sesame street's characters; motorbike riders, rock stars, waitress etc, you name it! I think the most creative and really capture my attention are those self-made costume. And you bet they'll never have the second pair of the same one. Those including some of the "fast food stores" like In-N-Out Burger and Jack In the Box; Starbucks, and even Wall-E is alive! They are just gorgeous and creative!!

I am now looking forward for this coming Saturday's Halloween Party at my house! I hope I will have some interesting pictures to show you then ;)


Ah Peang said...

Can't wait to see your Halloween pictures :)

Zoe said...

Hey Peang! I wish I have excited pictures to show but then... Sigh! Better don't show and embarass myself with the costume but slippers on! lol!

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