Thursday, July 2, 2009

一直很安静 It is always quiet

歌手: 阿桑 专辑:寂寞在唱歌
作词:方文山 作曲: 如花如岳 编曲:屠颖

空荡的街景 想找个人放感情
做这种决定 是寂寞与我为邻
我们的爱情 像你路过的风景
一直在进行 脚步却从来不会为我而停

给你的爱一直很安静 来交换你偶尔给的关心
明明是三个人的电影 我却始终不能有姓名

你说爱像云 要自在飘浮才美丽
我终於相信 分手的理由有时候很动听

给你的爱一直很安静 来交换你偶尔给的关心
明明是三个人的电影 我却始终不能有姓名

给你的爱一直很安静 我从一开始就下定决心
以为自己要的是曾经 却发现爱一定要有回音

给你的爱一直很安静 来交换你偶尔给的关心
明明是三个人的电影 我却始终不能有姓名

给你的爱一直很安静 除了泪在我的脸上任性
原来缘份是用来说明 你突然不爱我这件事情

For those who can read Chinese, needless to say, you know the above lyrics is for the background song played in this blog. For those who don't, please enjoy the rhythm of the song.

Although this song is about three people struggle in a relationship, but I like some of the wordings:

The love that we shared, it's just like the scenary that you've passed
It is always continuing, but you never slow down your step for me

The love that I've given to you is always quiet,
to exchange the care that you rarely give.

The love that I've given to you is always quiet,
I have decided from the very beginning,
I thought what I wanted was just memory,
Then I realize, love is always hoping to get responses...

I am not sure I have translated it correctly, but what I am trying to say here is that love is never one sided. We would always hope the person that we loved would response us with the same love. Although, I still have some friends telling me, "As long as he or she is happy, I really do not need his or her response." I don't know how true it is.

Why not you tell me.


hoayming said...

when u cant feel the repond from the other side , it is sad..if ur fren really dun care about the respond frm the love is weird..

"fate is just the excuse dat u r not loving me anymore" it is damn true! GOOD EXUCUSE! =)

simple_hanz said...

Emo songs...
Me love...
Hehe, how are u there my dear sis?
So long time no kacau daun u d...

-KSY™®- said...

yeah.. another EMO song to be found in my PC!!!!

haha.. way to go. u start to put song in ur blog.. HEHE>...

Zoe said...

haha! Seems like emo songs are always people's favourite ^_^ I'm glad that you guys enjoy it.

P/S: By the way, I started put song in my blog is because I FINALLY figure out how to. Hihi!

-KSY™®- said...

U shd have consulted me long ago :D
but the quality of this song really .... :(

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