Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Little Mouse Year ^_<

Let's look at the happy part after the terrible and annoying story about the spider. Although this little incident actually brought more warmth into my life, but still, it made me feel not so good when think about it.

The memory of me just arriving California was fresh as if it was just happened yesterday. It was hard. I would say the most precious things that I have in this state are that I got to know so many good and truly kind people. One of them, whom I treasure the most is my "4th brother". I am the eldest in my family and never experience the feeling of having a good big brother. He really treats me as his sister and takes care of me a lot. This new year, I got a lot of "ang pao" because of him. He brought me to his family gathering to collect "ang paos". Haha! Thank you so much, Sei Go!

I do not have any of his pictures but I brought his children to Museum of Nature not long ago and we took a few photos. Here are some of the pics:

They are my Sei Go three little sweet hearts. They are truely sweet and always open their welcoming arms to me. We were having really good time visiting the museum.

I spent my New Year's Eve with my co-workers and boss in the restaurant. We had a big feast: Lobster, Bass fish, Sea cucumber, Crab meat soup etc. The boss bought two bottles of Chivas Regal Whisky (aged 12 years). I felt a little embarrass to admit that I become a "better" drinker after I came to America. Last time when I was in Malaysia, I drank wine but do not really know how to differentiate good taste or bad taste. California has good weather and therefore it is a good place to grow almost anything. The grapes here grow well and the wine produced here are actually have high quality and taste good. Now I know how to appreciate not only cocktail but also shots like Whisky and Cognac (Brandy). Erm.. Not a proud thing to show off, at least definitely not a good idea to let my family knows about it :P

Anyway, I did not drink much that night because I have to drive and I hate to drink and drive. The other reason was that my co-workers (especially those Mexican) were showing big response when they saw me pour the liquor into my glass. They made me embarass by saying loudly, "Zoe, you drink??!!" Ok, fine! No more.

Then, gambling! Haha! We played 13 cards and the other side were playing a game sort of like "big and small". I did not really know how to play 13 cards but I have so many masters around me. They helped me to arrange the cards and helped to win money as well. Haha! I then went to Sei Go's relatives' house to collect "ang paos" and enjoyed seeing them playing fire crackers at the neighbourhood. It was a pleasant night to me.

I have a delightful new year this year compare with last year. Although I still could not spend my time with my dearest family, but I am glad that I have enlarged my social circle. I feel thankful to meet with these people who are caring and kind. I will keep my effort to live a better life each day. GAMBATE!!!

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Jacklyn said...

Wow, congrates girl that you feel that you have been living more delightful each year. I am happy for you. You have to update me about your latest news lo! I know you are busy, especially when now you can't care only for yourself liao, hehe, but you still have to take out a little bit f your time and tell me about that somebody. =P

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