Thursday, October 4, 2007




在 china town 去找那家乡的味道





游子的心情呵!想起和诗笳在纽约CHINA TOWN寻找家乡的味道的每一刻。每次去纽约市时CHINA TOWN是必访之地,寻找好吃的家乡食物更是必做之事。想起满座的包子点心,引来别人的侧目,认为两个小女生怎么那么会吃?我们却吃得好畅快好畅快!也没时间脸红了。



Myles said...

yoyoyo. who doesnt miss New York? Manhattan, you know? we didnt even go to the Wax museum, damn!! we should try to find a way to go back sometimes...hmm.. kinda impossible though. we are really lucky, we stayed in New York, New jersey and now in California.. wow.. biggest and most popular states in US. yeah.. i do miss the time we walked around Manhattan in the winter.. where ours fingers and cheeks got forzen till we couldn't speak, and then walked around searching for chinese food. damnnn..i miss them. that's find, it was just a stage of life, now, we have California! Yeah! exciting!!i am sure that we will have more fun coz our exciting life has just begin. hmm.. love you..we go Las Vegas! MUAKS.

Zoe said...

ya, i miss the time i drove Subaru to go Long island to find you, i miss the feeling i drove through the bridges and NYC, i miss the huge and dirty china town... we are really lucky, in fact we make our own luck to stay in these beautiful and significant cities of USA. I am glad we are now at CA, although we have paid a lot to be here(not only money but other things as well). YEAH! LAS VEGAS! and also Santa Babara, and later San Francisco, Texas, yellow stone, wyoming, alaska... we are fulfiling our dreams, little by little. :) love ya so much , my dear...

Linly said...

I haven't heard bout this song from jacky cheung b4... then i read the lyric... it remind me lots of memories, lots of my days in the US, then i clicked on you tube... Hey, i know this song... it's just that i never listen to the lyric or try to understand the song for once.... until i read your post.... it's a touching one... and then i realize... i atcually have a life in the US once... i miss my frens there... and i miss u girls so much. Zoe, i'm glad that u stil have chia with u in this far away country... i'll miss u girls lots...

Zoe said...

Hey Linly! I heard from Chia that you back to Malaysia. I am sorry for not saying goodbye to u. Hope you are doing good now. I miss you as well. Your return remind me of my aupair's life. I am now a student, a very happy and enjoying life student (although to most people my living is a struggle). But Chia and I really enjoy a lot. I feel sorry as well that we were not able to meet before you left. Memories are the most precious properties for ones. We should glad that we have these wonderful memories in US. I am still "creating" the memories for my future... Gambate! you can do it and continue your happy life there, Linly!

~PeY!n9~ said...

hey gal, really a long time since last i had met you. How are you recently? Got your blog address from soo lee's blog. Just knew that you are currently in New York. Doing what over there? Really long long time didn't update from your side d. I think since we were in form 5, right? Keep in touch ya. Take Care...

Zoe said...

Hi Peying!! It is such a big surprise to see your name appear here. I took minutes to confirm that it is you because just can't believe that we keep in touch in this way! hehe! how are you doing now? I always log in to friendster and browse your photos over there to see how you are doing lately. Ya, it is really a long long time since we meet and talk. Form 5... hmmm.. truely long time ago. hehe! i am now at California, not NY. you take good care as well, always keep in touch :)

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