Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I am here

I was dreaming about going to California for a long time. I could not wait to come here when I was at New Jersey. But now, I cannot believe that I am finally here.

It took 11 hours for me to get to CA from Georgia because of the flight delayed. Flight delayed always drive people crazy. It took me 9 hours for me to get to Georgia from New Jersey which suppose to be an hour flight a month ago. Lord!

California is so different. Basically each state of US is very different. Whenever you cross the border of a state you would feel like you have entered a new country. There was a guy told me before that US actually is the combination of various countries. I think he is right. The city that I live now is Santa Ana, a very special place. It is not only a very beautiful city but more than 80% of the population here is Mexican. When I stepped out the house the people I see are all Mexican. I can hardly see white or black people, not much Asian people too.

I like it here a lot, although the living standard here is much higher compare with other states. I am tired, but happy. Tomorrow is a brand new day, another day to figure out my living. Therefore I have to rest earlier.

Good night Mr Moon.


Anonymous said...

What happen yesterday?


Zoe said...

hahaa... i never expect there would be somebody who left a "comment" like this, which is totally unrelated to what i wrote. :P will tell you if have chance ;)

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