Monday, June 11, 2007

Adventurous Trip to SIX FLAGS

I used to watch Discovery Channel with my little brother when I was in Malaysia. There are a few times we got to watch the program talking about the roller coasters. We were so excited and kept on saying they are so scary and thought that we were going to have heart attack if we went up there. Besides, we used to play a PC game named "Roller Coasters Tycoon" and built our own theme park with different kinds of thrill rides. I never thought of I would have the chance to get on to the real and exactly the same roller coasters as we built in the tycoon game.

There is a worker man who is working in construction at my foster family's house, told me about a place which is only 40 minutes away from my house. It is Great Adventure Park of Six Flags. He showed me all the thrilling rides and suggested me to go there. I said it was a crazy idea and it was impossible for me to get on any of those rides. I told Chia about it but I never know that she could get so excited and insisting to go there. OMG, Chia...

Then... We went!

Yes, two of us. ONLY two of us.

When we got there, we saw those crazy rides were at least 10 storeys height of a building. I told Chia it was impossible for me to get in to any of those rides. Chia said I am "chicken"! Hey, guess what? She was the one who refused to get on to some rides later on and I was the one who became braver and kept on encouraged her. Haha!

Here are some photos of those rides and we got on to some of them. It was weekend and so crowded. Basically we need to queue for an hour for a ride.

Like my mom always said, "Why you guys like to pay and yet torturing yourselves with those rides?" She is right. Chia and I were so scared but yet kept on encouraging each other to get on to those thrill rides. I do not know whether you have the same experience but everytime when we were queueing for a ride, there are always a lot of conflicts and struggle. We were so nervous and apprehensive but still, we wanted to get on to those rides.

This was our first ride right after we got in the park. Its name was "Batman & Robins". It was a super fast ride with 70mph (about 120kmph) and 20 stories elevation. I couldn't believe that I actually got on to it. It was super fun though.

It only took less than one minute for this ride. It was really fast. We feel relief after we got down. Then we headed for the second ride, third, fourth...

Besides those rides, the park is really a beautiful place. Here are some photos taken at kids' park.

There are people who being hired to wear those fancy clothes as the characters of the cartoons (most of them from Acme Hour, Cartoon Network).

The "Golden Kingdom" of the park was an extremely beautiful place. I love there a lot.

There was a wooden roller coaster named "El Toro" in this kingdom and Chia said it was the scariest ride among those rides that we were on. This El Toro was the roller coaster that I used to build in the PC tycoon game. It was exactly the same.

There are still places that we have no time to go and play. Therefore we are going to back there again. I believe it won't take too long for us to revisit there. It was such an excitement and adventurous trip! If you were the fans of roller coasters, this is the place that you MUST go, at least once in a life time.


lampfly said...

Excitement. Fear. Think to run off. Regret. Blank. Relief.
These are the mixture feeling i experienced each time get on the roller coaster. But still go for it after one another. We are really "fan jian", right? ;P

P/s why all your pic are captured in the same pose, same angle and same direction???heee..

Myles said...

hahahah :p awesome experience!! we will have fun again, right?? love you. we have to lose weight, seriously.. 0_o

Zoe said...

lampfly, errr... I don't know how to answer your question... Hmm.. I think because this angle won't show me too fat gua. Hihi! What to do? Like myles said la, gotta lose weight. Fat fat fat!
You are right, sometimes people very fan jian. Hehe! Your experience sounds like most of ours experience. Anyway, it was really fun!

Myles, yup! we will have fun again, for sure! Cheers!! ;)

Linly said...

huuu.... where is Linly? sob sob :(
i m not there with u girls again!!

Zoe said...

Hey Linly,

Haha! you went to Washington DC ma. We are sorry that you could not join us, too. I told you we only available during weekends but too bad you had planned your weekends. Actually we really didn't plan to go there at all. Chia and I always decide thing last minute, therefore this trip was totally unexpected until a night before that. Hope we still have chance though. Cheers! ;-)

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